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New Requirements for Super Visa Insurance 2023

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Some new requirements of super visa insurance have recently been announced by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

According to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) candidates must fulfill the following new requirements in order to purchase super visa insurance:


Medical insurance must be purchased by a Canadian insurance provider. Canadian insurance provider is a company that is registered in Canada and is an authorized insurance seller for super visa insurance. myTravel-insurance is a Toronto, Canada-based authorized seller of super visa insurance. All of our travel insurance products including Super visa insurance are underwritten by Manulife. To better address your health concerns at reasonable prices, our website offers immediate, free quotes. We provide cost-effective super visa insurance plans to our customers. The price of super visa insurance will vary, just like the price of any medical insurance, depending on the standard parameters such as your age, any current medical conditions, and the level of deductible you desire.

Latest Travel Insurance Requirements for Super visa Insurance

Requirement # 2: COVERAGE and VALIDITY

  • From the date of admission into Canada, super visa insurance MUST be valid for at least a year.

  • Insurance policy MUST provide at least $100,000 coverage.


A connection between Canadian citizens and their abroad parents and grandparents has been made possible since 2011 thanks to the Canadian super visa program. But now the IRCC will no longer accept super visa insurance after August 2022 unless it has been fully paid. This means that those applying for a new super visa cannot pay in monthly instalments. Holders of super visas who are already in Canada, however, are unaffected. What has been permitted up until this point has undergone a significant alteration. Here are the implications for current policyholders, prospective applicants, and their families.

Over the term of the insurance, monthly payback will probably cost you significantly more than paying the whole amount up front. According to IRCC research, the cost of paying monthly insurance policies might be as much as 30% more than the cost of paying upfront insurance policies.

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