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Travel medical insurance by manulife

myTravel-insurance is located in Toronto, Canada. We offer Super visa insurance for parents and grandparents underwritten by Manulife Financial. Our website provides instant free quotes to best meet your health concerns at affordable rates. In addition to super visa insurance we provide medical insurance for visitors to Canada, students or work visa holders.  

Are you super visa insurance provider in Canada?

super visa insurance toronto

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Application for Super visa for parents and grand parents requires you to purchase medical insurance for at least one year with minimum $100,000 CAD coverage. In Canada healthcare is very expensive unless you are covered by a medical insurance or Canadian government healthcare (e.g., OHIP coverage for Ontario residents). One night hospital stay can cost you up to $5000 CAD. So it is highly recommended for any visitor status (e.g., new immigrant, students, work visa, returning residents) to purchase travel medical insurance.

Do I need medical insurance to visit Canada?

super visa insurance for parents

Super visa requirement is to purchase medical insurance for at least 1 year with minimum $100,000 CAD. We understand that buying insurance for one or more years can be very expensive. So we offer monthly payment plan to facilitate our clients to pay total insurance premium in monthly installments. You can enroll in monthly payment plan while buying super visa insurance on our website. Get Free super visa insurance quote and enroll in monthly payment plan.

What is super visa monthly payment plan?

super visa insurance monthly payment

I am new immigrant to Canada waiting for my Canada health card. What medical insurance policy I should purchase to cover medical emergencies during waiting period?

new immigrant canada

New immigrants to Canada are entitled to apply for their health card from government of Canada. After applying for health card there is an average waiting time of 1 to 2 months to get the health card in mail. We highly recommend you to purchase travel medical insurance to avoid paying for expensive medical care in case of any health emergency during this waiting period. We offer basic medical coverage that is less expensive and can provide reasonable coverage for this short waiting period. Get free travel insurance quote today for new immigrants to Canada.

What is best medical insurance for international students in Canada?

We understand that bearing medical expenses as international student in Canada is very hard. We offer three types of medical insurance plans Basic, Standard and Enhanced underwritten by Manulife Financial for visitors to Canada including international students. Basic medical insurance plan is best suited for students because it provides basic medical coverage needed for students with reduced premiums. Get free medical insurance quote today for students visiting Canada.

medical insurance for student visa

Where can I buy medical insurance with coverage for pre-existing conditions?

travel insurance for pre existing medical conditions

For visitors to Canada with pre-existing conditions we offer Enhanced medical insurance plan underwritten by Manulife Financial. Following are the brief details of the Enhanced medical plan:

  • Available for all ages up to 85.

  • Includes coverage for stable pre-existing medical conditions - BP, Heart, Diabetes, Lung, Cholesterol and other conditions.

  • Coverage includes the comprehensive benefit package contained in the Enhanced Plan plus $25,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment.

 Get free medical insurance quote today for visitors to Canada.

For travelers to anywhere in the world including Canada we offer travel medical Preferred and Standard insurance plans. These plans cover pre-existing medical conditions only if these conditions are stable in 3 months prior to departure. Get free travel insurance quote today.

My visa has been refused due to some reason. Can I cancel my travel insurance policy?

manulife insurance trip cancellation

If your trip is canceled or interrupted due to some circumstances not in your control, then it's important to know what's covered by your trip cancellation insurance policy. Trip cancellation insurance provides coverage for (1) trip interruption, (2) misconnection, and (3) delayed return.
My travel insurance offers either package tour insurance or a separate insurance plan for trip cancellation/interruption. Get free quote today for trip cancellation insurance!

Does your travel insurance policy cover COVID-19 related illnesses?

manulife covid travel insurance

Any Visitor to Canada policy, regardless of when issued, will cover COVID-19 for expenses incurred within Canada, subject to the regular terms and conditions of the policy. Any COVID-19 medical expenses that occur while on a Side Trip in any destination outside of Canada is subject to a government of Canada Travel Advisory issued before you travel to that destination.

What does travel insurance cover for trip cancellation?

trip cancellation insurance coverage

We understand that travel plans can change due to visa rejection or any other reason. So we do provide a way to request 100% refund /cancellation of insurance policy. However, our partner 21st Century Travel Insurance, Ltd powered by Manulife Financial reserves the right to not accept your refund request. For more details on refund/cancellation please check "Premiums Refund/Cancellation" option here for super visa and visitor to Canada insurance.

Trip cancellation coverage starts at the time of policy purchased and trip interruption, misconnection & delayed return coverage starts on effective date of policy. We are the best because we are flexible and provide three possible coverage options for your convenience:

  •  Plan A - "$800 AD (After Departure)": covering the Covered Amount PRIOR to departure (as provided by you at the time of purchasing plan) and $800 AFTER departure.

  • Plan A - "$1500 AD (After Departure)": covering the Covered Amount PRIOR to departure (as provided by you at the time of purchasing plan) and $1500 AFTER departure.

  • Plan A - "Unlimited AD (After Departure)": covering the Covered Amount PRIOR to departure (as provided by you at the time of purchasing plan) and unlimited coverage AFTER departure.

Which trip cancellation insurance is best in Canada?

trip cancellation insurance canada

One year super visa insurance should roughly cost $1222.75 to $3942.00 for the ages 50 to 85. This implies the cost of $101.89 a month to $328.50 a month for the ages 50 to 85 if you opt to enroll in monthly payment plan. Note these insurance cost rates are for the $100,000 coverage plans. You should expect more cost for higher coverages. There are several factors that can impact cost of super visa insurance e.g., age of applicant, coverage of pre-existing conditions etc. Here’s a complete guide on how you can estimate cost of super visa insurance. Get free quote here for super visa insurance. Deductible is the amount paid out of your pocket before an insurance provider will pay for any expense. Deductible selection is an option to reduce insurance costs. If you agree to pay a $1000 deductible out of your pocket and the rest of the expenses will be paid by insurance then one year of super visa insurance cost ranges roughly from $978.20 to $1503.80 for the ages 50 to 85.

How much does a super visa insurance cost?

super visa insurance cost

myTravel-insurance a travel insurance agency expert in offering the best super visa insurance. Our super visa insurance product offers:

  • Coverage of a wide range of health conditions at affordable rates by Manulife Financial.

  • Coverage options of (1) $100,000, (2) $150,000 and (3) $200,000 for one year (365 days).

  • Coverage for stable pre-existing conditions by our Enhanced policy e.g., Heart, BP, Diabetes, Lung, Cholesterol, and other conditions.

  • Covers Covid-19-related illnesses.

  • Either pay for premium in one shot or via monthly payment option.

  • 5% discount is available for companions.

  • Family package is available for a family of 3 or more people.

  • 100% refund if no visa is granted before the insurance start date.

What does a super visa insurance cover?

super visa insurance coverage

Most international students come from countries with universal health care, so having insurance is essential to protect you from high costs of medical bills. Health services may be restricted if you do not have health insurance. myTravel-insurance offers three different plans to better suit your medical and financial needs. We provide insurance policies that provide certain benefits throughout your time as an international student in Canada, but all insurance plans include restrictions, exclusions, conditions, and other terms that may limit the amount of reimbursement you are entitled to.

Why do international students need health insurance?

trip cancellation insurance canada
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