Frequently asked questions

Does visa application requires me to buy travel insurance policy?

Applicants for Canada's Super Visa are required to buy travel medical insurance for at least 1 year and the insurance must provide minimum coverage of $100,000. For other Canada's visa applications (e.g., tourist visa, immigration, student or work visa) insurance can be purchased before visa application because it can improve the chances of acceptance of visa application.

My visa has been refused due to some reason. Can I cancel my insurance policy?

my Travel-insurance understands that your travel plans can change due ot unacceptance of visa application or due to any other reason so we do provide a way to request refund /cancellation of insurance policy. However, our partner 21st Century Travel Insurance, Ltd reserves the right to not accept your refund request. For more details on refund/cancellation please check "Premiums Refund/Cancellation" option here.

What are the benefits of Travel Medical Insurance?

In some countries (e.g., Canada, US) health care can be very expensive unless you are covered by some medical insurance or Government HealthCare policy. A one night hospital stay in case of medical emergency can cost you around $3,000 to $5,000 per night. In order to make your travel as comfotable and less expensive as possible you should buy a travel medical insurance. We provide insurance policy that covers physican first time and follow up visits and if you buy $100,000 coverage then additional $50,000 coverage is included for accidents. Please check "Insurance Policy Document" here to get more information.

I want to buy travel insurance for more than one person and it can get very expensive. Can I get some discount?

my Travel-insurance understand that purchasing insurance for more than one travel can some times be very expensice. Therefore we provide special companion and family pacakages. If two or more people are companions and need travel insurance for same period of times (i.e., for same dates) then we offer 5% discuounts per person per policy. In case of three or more family members travelling together we do provide family rates for all family members comparatively less expensive than buying insurance for each person separately. By family we mean parent(s) and children of age less than 22 years old. We also offer monthly payment options if you are buying super visa insurance insurance for at least 1 year. You can enroll in monthly payment plan while submitting insurance application on our website.

How to file claim in case of medical emergency?

You must call our assistance center at 1-877-882-2957 toll-free number for USA and Canada to file claim. If unable to use the toll-free number, make collect call to Canada: +1 519-251-7856. Our Assistance Centre is there to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more details visit or claims information section here.

What is super visa insurance monthly payment plan?

We understand that buying insurance for one or more years can be expensive. So we also offer monthly payment options on insurance for at least 1 year. You can enroll in monthly payment plan while submitting insurance application on our website.

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