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Visitors to Canada Insurance

Canada is one of the countries that provide best healthcare services in the world but these services can be very expensive sometimes. In case of medical emergency you can expect to pay $3000 CAD to $5000 CAD per day hospital expenses. Therefore to avoid such tough situations it is strongly recommended to visitors to Canada to purchase travel medical insurance. At myTravel-insurance we offer medical insurance for temporary visitors, Super Visa holders, landed  Immigrants, students, work visa holders or returning Canadians waiting for provincial health coverage. Our medical insurance can provide coverage during your waiting period for provincial health coverage e.g., OHIP coverage for Ontario residents.

We sell insurance plans which cover your whole trip to Canada. For example, if you visit one or more countries (except country of origin) before or after coming to Canada or in middle of your travel then our insurance policy will cover you in those countries provided that 51% of your trip time must be spent in Canada. 

Our medical insurance policies details:

  • For visitors to Canada, we provide several coverage options ranging from 15,000 to 200,000. 

  • Provide extra $50,000 coverage of accidents on purchase of $100,000 coverage.

  • Provide three types of insurance plans Basic, Standard and Enhanced.

    • Basic plan provides basic healthcare coverage with reduced premiums.

    • Standard plan covers pre-existing medical conditions that did not exist in 180 days prior the policy effective date. 

    • Enhanced plan provide coverage for pre-existing conditions provided these conditions are stable in 180 prior to traveling.

  • Provide special Family and Companion discount packages on insurance policies.

  • Several deductable options are provided to our customers to reduce premiums.

  • We provide monthly payment plan for Super Visa insurance for one year.

  • Our insurance policies are for any age.

You can also cancel your insurance in case of change in travel plans e.g., due to rejection of visa application. In case of cancellation, you must contact us at 647-350-0331 at lease 30 days before your arrival date.

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