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Super Visa – Put an end to homesickness

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

According to 2019 pre-pandemic statistics Canada has the eighth largest immigrant population in the world and about 21% population of Canada comprises foreign-born people. Canada welcomes immigrants in four categories (1) skilled workers, (2) refugees, (3) immigrants based on humanitarian reasons, and (4) families of immigrants or citizens.

People from all over the world move to Canada in search of career growth opportunities but along with that, they bring homesickness. After settling down in Canada almost every immigrant family wants to bring their loved ones like parents/grandparents here.

myTravel-insurance offers affordable super visa health insurance for parents

Canadian government understands the importance of family and wants to ensure that the immigrants who are their future citizens live a quality life with families. Canadian immigrants can avail one of two options to bring their family members in Canada (1) immigration and (2) super visa for parents and grandparents. Let’s review some pros and cons of these options:

canadian super visa insurance

Immigration of family members

  • Pros:

    1. Enjoy free health services covered by the provincial government (e.g., OHIP health card).

    2. Lifetime residency in Canada.

  • Cons:

    1. The time-consuming and effort-taking process to complete an immigration application.

    2. Long waiting periods (3 or more years) due to big backlogs of applications in the Canadian immigration and Citizenships (CIC) department.

Super Visa for parents and grandparents

  • Pros:

    1. Valid for 10 years.

    2. Visa is granted within a few months. As compared to immigration there is no big backlog of applications.

    3. Visa application making does not require a lot of time and effort as compared to immigrant application.

    4. Can stay in Canada for two years.

    5. Allows multiple entries.

  • Cons:

    1. Medical services are not covered by the provincial government.

    2. Need to exit Canada after two years but can return any time during the validity period of the visa.

    3. Super visa insurance application MUST require medical insurance for at least one year (365 days) of minimum $100,000 coverage.

We understand that a super visa is a better and probably the fastest track to bring your parents to Canada but the requirement of super visa insurance may only be a concern to go for it. Several questions may be bothering you before you purchase insurance for your parents e.g., What is the best super visa insurance available? How much medical coverage should I purchase for my parents? Does super visa insurance cover my parent's health conditions? How much does super visa insurance cost?

GOOD NEWS!!! All your concerns are valid and addressed by myTravel-insurance a travel insurance agency expert in offering the best super visa insurance. Our super visa insurance product offers:

  • Coverage of a wide range of health conditions at affordable rates by Manulife Financial.

  • Coverage options of (1) $100,000, (2) $150,000 and (3) $200,000 for one year (365 days).

  • Coverage for stable pre-existing conditions by our Enhanced policy e.g., Heart, BP, Diabetes, Lung, Cholesterol, and other conditions.

  • Covers Covid-19-related illnesses.

  • Either pay for premium in one shot or via monthly payment option.

  • 5% discount is available for companions.

  • Family package is available for a family of 3 or more people.

  • 100% refund if no visa is granted before the insurance start date.

myTravel-insurance located at 2454 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 1K9 provides 24/7 online selling of super visa insurance. Get a Free quote today on our website and take one step to get close to your parents and grandparents.

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Nieznany użytkownik
30 gru 2021

How much for visitors visa .same or less as they stay maximum of 6 months

Hussain Butt
Hussain Butt
30 gru 2021
Odpowiada osobie:

Thanks Adnan for asking question regarding visitors to Canada. Visitors to Canada insurance for 6 months should cost less than insurance for a year. You can get free quote for visitors to Canada insurance for stay of 6 or less months.

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