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Best health insurance for new immigrants to Canada

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Immigrants or foreign-born people who moved to Canada are about one-fifth of the total population of Canada. Since 2001, Canada has welcomed roughly more than 200,000 immigrants and in 2017, the Canadian government announced around to welcome one million more immigrants to Canada. Canada promises free health care to its residents and citizens and this is one of the main services that attracts immigrants from all over the world.

However, new immigrants to Canada need to wait for around three to four months to get a health card provided by the provincial government in Canada, e.g., a health card provided by Ontario health. Any sickness or illness that happens during this three to four-month period can put new immigrants in trouble because health care is very expensive in Canada. In case of emergency, one night stay in the hospital can averagely cost $3000 to $5000. Therefore, to avoid such tough situations it is strongly recommended new immigrants or returning Canadians wait for provincial government health coverage to purchase medical insurance.

We understand that moving to a new country can be very difficult for you and your family financially and emotionally. To make your move to Canada safe and smooth we offer cost-effective medical insurance plans.

best travel medical insurance in canada

Why new immigrants should purchase insurance from

  • $15,000 to 200,000 medical coverage options for up to 365 days (1 year). Provide extra $50,000 coverage of accidents on purchase of $100,000 coverage plan.

  • Best affordable Basic plan to cover your basic emergency medical needs. Basic needs covered under this plan are:

    1. Emergency sickness

    2. Physician visit

    3. One follow-up visit per sickness

    4. Emergency transportation (e.g., ambulance)

    5. Prescribed medication

  • Coverage for stable pre-existing conditions - Enhanced plan provides coverage for stable pre-existing medical conditions plus all benefits provided under Basic plan. Pre-existing medical conditions are the medical conditions that exist at the time of purchasing policy e.g., Blood pressure, Lung, Diabetes, Heart and Cholesterol, etc. These conditions need to be stable in the last 180 days in order to be covered in insurance.

  • All plans provide Covid-19 coverage within Canada subject to the regular terms and conditions of the policy.

  • Discounts are available for companions and family.

  • 100% refund - If no Visa Granted for any reason before the effective date

  • Partial premium refund - In case of change of plans provided there is no claim already processed.


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