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We offer a super easy way to not only get an online quote today but to also pay and instantly start your insurance policy quickly and easily online without lengthy phone calls or waiting. by Fly 4 Less Travels is a Canadian based company expert at bringing affordable travel insurance to you and your family members visiting Canada. We offer medical insurance plans for super visa, visitors to Canada, international students or work visa holders visiting Canada. For Canadian travellers, we offer medical and trip cancellation insurance plans.

Visitor to Canada

  • Competitive rates for super visa insurance, visitor to Canada insurance and student or work visa insurance.

  • Three insurance plans Basic, Standard and Enhanced plans available to best match with your health needs and budget.

  • Additional $50,000 Injury coverage on the purchase of $100,000 medical coverage plan.

  • 90-Day Provision: Reinstatement of coverage for a second claim related to the same condition

  • Monthly payment option available for super visa, visitor, student & work visa insurance of $100,000 coverage for one year (365 days).

  • Special discounts available for companions and family buyers.

  • Medical insurance plans available for stable pre-existing medical conditions.

  • 24/7 claim support.

  • 100% refund - If no visa granted for any reason before effective date.

  • ACM TravelAid (TM) mobile application included.

  • Emergency Medical assistance (with multi-lingual support) available 24 hours a day.

  • Package Tour (all-inclusive) and separate plans (stand alone plans) are provided to best match your budget and medical requirements.

  • Competitive rates and no maximum age.

  • Discounts available for companions and family.

  • Medical coverage available for all ages.

  • Our All-inclusive plan adds the benefits of trip cancellation & interruption, flight & travel accident and baggage loss to the emergency medical coverage.

  • If you are not eligible due to health reasons we offer a Special medical underwriting plan.

  • Medical insurance available for stable pre-existing medical conditions

  • 24/7 claim support.

Just a phone call away, no long waits or call centers

We are high rated and provide only exceptional service

Available 24/7. Always there for you when you need us

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